We Can Take Care of Ourselves – And Eachother

It’s been especially cold recently here in New England, so my church started a drive for blankets and supplies to help out two local homeless shelters.

I didn’t have that much to donate and with money being tight I couldn’t go out and purchase items as I would have liked. I think that God gave me an idea. I remembered the web site called “Freecycle.org”. If you have something to give that you don’t want, but might be useful to someone else, you post it. If you need it you can claim it. It’s a national group that directs users to the local site.

I posted what the church was doing and people really stepped up to the plate. I had such a generous response that I had to have my husband come and carry the items in for me because it was too heavy for me to carry.

I’m very concerned, like everyone is today, about how we will all get by in this economy. This was a reminder of how we can all get what we need if we help each other. We don’t need the government to take over and take care of us. If everyone does the right thing we will all be alright.