Promises Treatment Centers Offering Hope To Addicts

My grandmother was an alcoholic. She tormented my mother when she was growing up, vanishing for days on end in drunken binges. Maybe it was the pressure of marrying so young, but her husband didn’t know how to handle the situation and left them. Back then people just wrote her off as a hopeless drunk. I sometimes wonder how things would be different for her if she had been born later and was dealing with her addiction today.

There is an abundance of hope now, due much in part to organizations like Promises Treatment Centers. Promises treat addiction to all sorts of substances like alcohol, cocaine, Marijuana, Oxycodone, to name a few.

In my grandmother’s day, addicts were locked in hospitals and treated like criminals. Today, Promises Treatment Center offers a beautiful, healthy location of Malibu and West Los Angeles, California. Here patients can rest and recover far away from the poor influences and bad relationships that pull and hold them in their unhealthy, and often deadly lifestyle.

Promises understands that every person is a unique individual with their own special needs. That is why every patient’s treatment is personalized and includes professional treatments such as cognitive-behavior therapy, family therapy, support groups, and other individual therapy and counseling services

Their mission statement reads that Promises strives to “provide a gateway to sobriety and to aid in the achievement of lifetime dreams”. What a gift to someone suffering with addiction and for their family.